Photo Credit, Vanity Fair

"One cool, eternally classy lady" - Candice Bergin, who most know best as an American actress and former fashion model. She won five Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for her ten seasons as the title character on the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown.

Although Candice is specifically known for her role as Murphy Brown, what some people don't know is that she lives a colorful life through her personal customization service, Bergen Bags - Where she hand paints images and monograms on designer bags.
Nikki&Mallory is not even close to being categorized as a "designer" handbag line, but damnit, we'll take the title! Thanks to knowing and have worked with someone as amazing as Mary Steenburgen, who is also an Actress known for her extensively long list of acting roles. Mary is the one responsible for making this magic happen as her and Candice share an amazing friendship. 
As most people know, yes I'm the owner of Nikki&Mallory and the only bag designer for this business, but I've also worked in television for 12 years + counting. After working on the show "Last Man On Earth" where I met and worked with Mary Steenburgen for 4 seasons who also owns a Nikki&Mallory handstitched tote herself, it wasn't until the very last season where most of the cast & crew discovered that I make bags! With more than a handful of orders coming through (now) from the people on the show, a surprise gift was going to our head make up artist. Mary approached me with the idea of having Candice paint on a Nikki&Mallory bag as the gift. And well, you know what they say after that, the rest is history! Oh, and our make-up artist almost passed out when she got her bag. Win, win.
Side Bar: I've never been so flattered in MY LIFE!!! I'll tell you more about that later maybe. 


     "Seek greatness, work towards greatness & greatness will come" - Nikki&Mallory