LIFE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR: Authenticity Over Perfection

Let's be real. I can give you every technique, lesson, all the advice, tested skill and bullet proof facts when it comes to being an entrepreneur and truth is, while you can incorporate all those different "things" the one thing I can't show you is how to be your authentic self. 
When I started my business I tried every suggested tactic to get noticed and taken seriously outside of my immediate circle but it seemed like NOTHING worked! I followed every cookie cutter rule there was and no matter how hard I worked on "perfecting" those molds i.e, how I styled a photo, how many times I announced "WE'RE HAVING A SALE" - nothing bit. It wasn't until I said "F*** it, I have to just be myself and do this my way". If nothing else has brought me recognition, being myself, speaking my mind and staying true to me and my beliefs has ALWAYS made people stop and listen. 
And then it happened. Not only did my business start to increase in sales and my growth was more visible but my audience started FINDING ME and supporting me with a willingness to grow with me vs. me having to go out and look for them! From that point on, life as an entrepreneur really became my life. Day in and day out, I put in work, stayed consistent, made mistakes, gave back, continued to invest, made sacrifices, managed levels of emotions I could never understand because one day I was good and on cloud 10 screaming "life is great!". The next day I'm like what tf am I doing?! Why hasn't life changed?! (said in the most dramatic tone ever because I'm extra like that, lol) Why am I not as successful as I imagined yet...yada, yada. I've cussed myself out plenty. Trust me, because being an entrepreneur has been THEE most challenging experience thus far.
On top of trying to balance real life, bills, responsibilities and remain present and attentive in my relationship, working odd-end jobs - - - - yep, then comes entrepreneur life. A whole'notha world to figure out separate from your own. 
I'm not sure what your goal is or what journey you've been on thus far, but the most important thing I've learned out of all the knowledge I acquire along the way, is to STAY TRUE TO MYSELF + NEVER DEVALUE MY WORTH. No matter the situation, or who I'm talking to, business will continue to evolve because of your work ethic yes, but realistically because people appreciate knowing you can relate to them from a real human-like point of view. You cannot expect people to invest in you if you're not secure in you! More importantly, if you don't believe in you, why should anyone else?!
Listen - this game of "be my own boss" is more than a cutesy statement. It's a bonified, balls to the wall lifestyle. Unless you're willing to play the game without the perks + benefits, throw in some sacrifice and sleepless nights - for years to come, you're probably not ready to play. It's no joke. But if you have a burning desire (like me) and a passion that keeps you up, burning the midnight oil without a hitch, you might be onto something special. Keep going. 
Life as an entrepreneur is not easy but acquiring anything of greatness is not easy. However, in the long run, it's SO WORTH IT!!! How do you know? You ask. Truthfully, I don't. But, what I can confirm is that having faith has proven itself to me time and time again + the belief behind manifesting what's yours is real. I believe in speaking it before seeing it and so far, my vision hasn't failed me.
Hang in there. 
X, Treasure

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  • I so needed this confirmation to keep showing up as myself! Always! Thank you!

    Naisha on
  • This is amazing! You said it best! Continue to inspire. Your journey is an inspiration Treasure! Thanks for motivating others like myself! Your candle is seen sis!🙌🏿😍

    Uta on

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