When Nikki&Mallory first launched in 2015, it was not an easy task. Not only was I now the owner of my own online store, but I was still working 12+hour days on set! And launch day, was no different. I spent months preparing for this day, finalizing technical issues with my web designer (at the time), crossing my t's, dotting my i's and after 24hours of no sleep from adding products, prices, descriptions and more, pressing that publish button was the most accomplishing and pivotal moments to date.
Since then, a lot has changed with Nikki&Mallory; the style of my bags, the mission statement, brand slogan and everything visual. Initially, everything from my website, logos and even that small tiny email signature was designed an controlled by my web designer. But after 2 years of business and feeling dissatisfied and out of touch with my brand - I took all aspects of my business, branding, marketing and my entire website into my own hands and made it authentic to me and the true vision behind the brand. Can we say money saver?! Cutting out the middle man might take a little more effort and time but it's a definitely saved me a ton of money.
Going into business is foreign territory but with time, growth and research, there's NOTHING you can't do on your own. I don't recommend wearing all the hats (even if you wear them well) because you'll eventually burn yourself out. But if you'd like to save some coins as a start up - as my mom would tell me "figure it out". Learn every role of your business so that you can teach your future hires how to run it. 
I'm happy to say that everything you see now, including the layout of my website has been done ME! There's no limit to what you can do, learn to do it well.
"Growth & Progression is key" - Nikki&Mallory