"My Dream Job...I worked at one of the top entertainment companies in the industry - my boss had a beautiful view of the entire city, a t.v to watch & unlimited snacks in his drawer (yes, hella snacks that I wanted). Meanwhile, I was stuck in a decked out/fancy cubicle, designed by "yours truly", doing my work and his (without credit) and listening to him bitch & complain about work life every-single-day. At that point, my dream job was turning into the dreamiest nightmare. I was 23, making crazy money, yet, completely miserable. I knew then, that there had to be more while constantly reminding myself that...


 . . .

Former 9-5 Day Dreamer/Actress turned Handbag Designer & Entrepreneur. Life is crazy amazing like that! After finding myself completely bored with "cubicle life" working in all facets of the entertainment industry and later on, losing my identity as a struggling actress - my big hair, unapologetic style + my free spirit attitude was clearly destined for something more than the norm. Since a kid, my niche for style, design + fashion was evident by everyone around me but nothing I ever took serious. I pursued all things except that - until - everything I'd worked so hard for was now gone... "When you're down to nothing God will show you exactly how abundant you truly are and where you're meant to be. Those talents I was ignoring became my life saver. I went from almost giving up to working with exactly what I had. And I worked HARD"

Fashion Design School became my new creative outlet. My gravitation towards 'the back of the class' is where I taught myself how to construct handbags to compliment every outfit I designed. I didn't (still don't) understand this gift, it just made sense. My niche became my greatest passion & that passion is now a business of my own. Another dream come true. 'Nikki&Mallory' is me in a nutshell. Descriptive of my 2 distinct personalities. I create everything from scratch because authenticity can't be duplicated. My bags are crafted with the wanderers, dreamers, nomads & free-spirits in mind as they remind me of my off-beat, go against the grain self. Everyone has a dream, we all have a story. Yet, often, it's tucked away in our bags and carried along this crazy journey [shruggs]

P.S, Love Handmade

-Treasure, Owner & Designer