Nikki&Mallory is an artisan-made collection of bohemian inspired leather and non-leather handcrafted goods. Offering small batch, made-to-order production, each piece is created with originality and authenticity. In an effort to reduce waste and embrace the push towards sustainability – a small percentage of the leathers used are up-cycled and/or re-cycled. With natural vegged tanned leather being the preferred leather of choice. This mission to source local, eco-friendly materials is an on-going effort to reduce the use of chemically treated leathers.
The brands name “Nikki&Mallory” is a combination of the designers’ nickname and last name; indicative of one woman with two different styles, characteristics and personalities. Nikki&Mallory’s mission is to advocate women to live free, adventurous, confident + limitless. While catering to ones creativity, individuality and affordability.




"Becoming a self-taught handbag designer has been a journey in itself, but in learning the art of leather crafting; a community where there's very few men/women of color, it was imperative that I create a lane for myself to be seen, perfect my craftsmanship to a level that couldn't be denied and represent for leather crafters of color because 'We Do Exist'."

I create for the wanderers, dreamers and free sprits alike on a journey to self discovery and greatness. Breaking the mold of working a traditional day "job" to excel as a creative while putting my heart and soul into each bag has been filled with challenges, sacrifices, tears - the good, the bad + the amazing. When one bag turned into multiple, while inspiring those on this journey with me to keep going and follow their heart, that's when I discovered my voice and true purpose. Nikki&Mallory started with a single thought and that thought is now my beautiful reality. Beyond my love & infatuation for design, aesthetic, music, art + beautiful leather, I'm an advocate for turning dreamers into believers. This is what lead me to teaching leather crafting to individuals across the world. Nothing is impossible and anyone can be great through practice, obedience and consistency.

I started this business with zero dollars and a gifted sewing machine - you can't tell me anything is impossible. To those on a pursuit of passion, HAVE FAITH & NEVER GIVE UP.  

Owner + Designer of Nikki&Mallory