"From a decked out cubicle to the sewing machine - and all of life's experiences in between; Nikki&Mallory is a blessing in disguise for me. As a self-taught designer & leather crafter, making beautiful bags is a passion but the ability to create, inspire & empower is my mission. Beyond my love & infatuation for design + beautiful leather, I'm an advocate for turning dreamers into believers because I too, used to be that dreamer. Nikki&Mallory started with a single thought and that thought is now my beautiful reality. But not without sacrifice, sweat, tears, hard work and dedication - I create for the wanderers, dreamers and free sprits alike on a journey to self discovery and greatness. Breaking the mold of working a traditional day "job" and putting my heart and soul into this business took a lot of heart. Yet, creating for people who truly believe in my craft, has been the greatest reward. If you've ever been told (or believe) "you can't", just laugh at yourself, hysterically, because ALL things are possible. Have faith - and don't forget your bag on the way out! 

                                                                   // Treasure, Designer of Nikki&Mallory




Nikki&Mallory, offers custom-made, quality designed leather goods and newly added, home décor // Bohemian inspired. Created with originality, authenticity and durability as the focal point – all materials are personally sourced, ethically sourced and meticulously designed to showcase a distinctive appearance that stands out from the rest. The brands name “Nikki&Mallory” is a combination of the designers’ nickname and last name; indicative of one woman with two different styles, characteristics and personalities. Nikki&Mallory’s mission is to advocate women to live free, adventurous, confident + limitless. While catering to ones creativity, individuality and affordability.